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The CNC control box (23.09.2014)
  1. Parallel port (type DB-25)
  2. USB from PC
  3. AC/DC Adapter 18V 2,23A (a 12V can be better)
  4. MACH3 Interface Board CNC 5 Axis With Optocoupler Adapter Stepper Motor Driver
  5. LM7812 Voltage Regulator
  6. DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596 Power Output 1.23V-30V
  7. 5x7cm DIY Prototype Paper PCB Universal Boar(for extras electronics if needed)
  8. NC N/C Emergency Stop
  9. 6A 250V 10A 125V 2Pins switcher
  10. Push button(test laser)
  11. CNC Router 1 Axis Controller Stepper Motor Drivers TB6560
  12. Fan 5V
  13. 4Pin Aviation Plug(to X axis stepper motor)
  14. 4Pin Aviation Plug(to Y axis stepper motor)
  15. 4Pin Aviation Plug(to Z axis stepper motor)
  16. 4Pin Aviation Plug(to laser)
Laser control and Z motor (23.09.2014)
  1. Signal and power transistors for laser control
  2. 445nm 447nm 450nm 1w 1.4w 2w Laser Diode Driver 3.7V-9x20mm
  3. Laser fan 12V
  4. 16x55mm Focusable Housing w/ Glass Lens 200-1100nm
  5. DVD-stepper motor (Z-axis)
  6. Optocoupler (ON/OFF the laser when Z is down)
  7. Adjustable piece of dark plastic (switchs the optocoupler ON/oFF)
The CNC table (23.09.2014)
  1. X-axis
  2. Y-axis
  3. Z-axis
  4. Objects to cut are placed in the moving table (Y-axis)
Old tests
  • Some wood and cardboard engraving tests
Control box schematic
Switch and stepper motors schematic