Programmer for EEPROM 24C32
This microcontroller PIC16F84-04 works with only 4MHZ crystal, but I tested a 8MHZ and it is working fine!
This EEPROM reader/writer for 24C32 allows the user to access any address from 000 to FFF by a sequential, incrementing or decrementing from the current address.
The programmer is working well for one eeprom but for other one readings sometimes are not correct.
This is maybe because of the structure of the eeprom, or the eeprom is dammaged, I can't confirm that the program is with no errors. This material can be used for free, but for your own risk!
How it looks
  • By pressing the "OK" button, a blinking cursor shows the selected bit, the cursor moves from left to right (from the higher bit of data to the lower bit of address).
  • The "UP" button increase the value of the selected bit from "0" to "F" and roll back to "0" after reaching "F", and the "DWN" button do the opposit.
  • The right button increment to the next address, and the left button decrement to the previous address. If data value is changed by the user, the right button have a 2nd function, which is "WRITE" to EEPROM.
  • The left button allow the user to cancel changes if data is changed.
The shematic
The same schematic I used for all other tests with some modifications.
Bellow are the .asm and HEX files for download (right click the icon, and choose "Save Link As.." from the drop down menu)