This material is owned by Tampereen Erikoissarana OY and can not be used freely.
3D Drawing

The 3D drawing was made as its actual size to simulate the tester operating.
Control box

The control box is a PIC16F84 microcontroller based driving:
  • an LCD to give the user informations about the system
  • inputs coming from 2 reed sensors and buttons
  • and 2 outputs to drive the pneumatic cylinder by sending pulses to the pneumatic valves.

The Schematic is the same as my other projects in the PIC16F84 section, but adapted to a 12V power supply to control the pneumatic valves, then a Step-down switching regulator is used instead of a classic regulator to avoid the overheating caused by a potential difference.
The RGB LED shows three different states:
  • Red: by using a transistor to indicate that the fuse must be replaced
  • Green: the cylinder is extending
  • Blue: the cylinder is extracting
Capasitors was added to some inputs to eliminate noises coming from outside.
Bellow are the .asm and HEX files for download (right click the icon, and choose "Save Link As.." from the drop down menu)