Scrolling two lines in a 16x2 LCD
A text longer than 16 character needs a scroll option to be displayed. This test is not the best way but it shows how this can be done by making the first LCD line as master and second line following it to it.
The schematic can be copied from one of my PIC projects, as I used the same connection for the LCD in all of them.

Here is the pin numbers
RB0-6 D4-11
RB1-7 D5-12
RB2-8 D6-13
RB3-9 D7-14
RB4-10 E-6
RB5-11 R/S-4

This material can be used for free, but for your own risk!
Bellow are the .asm and HEX files for download (right click the icon, and choose "Save Link As.." from the drop down menu)